Why Consume Locally

Fresh vegetablesThere are numerous reasons to buy local foods, including what some believe to be their superior freshness and delicious taste. Keeping food dollars circulating locally supports the area economy by helping family farms and businesses thrive. Buying from local growers protects the environment by minimizing the distance food travels from field to plate.

The local food directory is a valuable guide to link the community with producers and suppliers within the Franklin County area. Our guide provides locations for:

  • Farm Stands and U-Pick
  • Farmers’ Markets and Country Stores
  • Fruit, Vegetables and Orchards
  • Greenhouses, Plants and Gardening Supplies
  • Honey
  • Meat, Fish, Dairy and Eggs
  • Community Supported Agriculture
  • Wineries and Vineyards
  • Christmas Tree Farm
  • Brewery
  • Canning
  • Specialties
  • Consumers want to know their doctors and dentists; references are checked for an attorney or veterinarian, but often little thought is given to how food is grown. Buying food locally helps you know your farmer, know where your food comes from, and allows you to learn more about local growing and farming practices.

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