Glade Hill Cannery

8081 Old Franklin Turnpike – Glade Hill, VA 24092 (behind Glade Hill Elem. School) | (540) 576-3020 – Home (540) 576-2796

Franklin County is one of eleven counties in Virginia providing community canneries. Canneries are located at elementary schools in Callaway and Glade Hill. These facilities strive to meet the needs of citizens who need to process large amounts of food at one time or are new to canning and want to learn about food processing through a hands-on experience. Canneries are equipped with commercial kettles, steamers, and pressure canners to handle processing of meats, vegetables and fruits.

The canneries are open by mid July in time to process early tomato and green bean crops and close in December. Patrons using the facilities are asked to arrive early in the day, but no later than 11 a.m., bringing glass jars, produce, and recipe ingredients such as salt, spices, vinegar, etc. If processing requires the use of steam kettles, reservations are recommended, otherwise walk-ins are welcome.

Current Costs:

(1)  Glass pints – $0.10          
(1)  Glass quarts – $0.20       
(2)  Metal No. 2 1/2 – $0.80  
(2)  Metal 300 – $0.60             
Sausage & Hamburger ground – $0.15/lb
Lard rendered – $0.30/lb
Apple butter – $2.20/gal
(needs steam kettle – call ahead for
(1)  provided by customer
(2)  provided by cannery
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