Outdoor Fall Activities For Kids

With these events, as well as a couple of organized trick-or-treat events at local businesses, kids are sure to get to wear their Halloween costumes for more than one night. While the Little Rock Zoo is a fun location for your family to experience a variety of wildlife, there are several additional options in the Natural State. The Elephant Sanctuary in Quitman (elephantsanctuary.org) takes elephants regardless of species, gender or behavior. Donations can be made to the organization — both financial and non-monetary — and donations are tax deductible.

As the pumpkins continue to grow, the letters will become a part of the pumpkins’ flesh. Team-building activities can be performed indoors or outdoors, and these activities are effective for breaking the ice and helping a group of kids get acquainted. Visit the zoo in the autumn to talk about how different animals prepare for the winter. Some animals hibernate, while others remain active to survive during the winter.

This is the season to enjoy delicious, hearty foods and all your favorite indulgences. FromPublick Housein Mountainside in the north toThe Blue Pig Tavernin the south and whole lot in between, there’s no shortage of options. If you’re looking for a creative new way to spend time with grandchildren or the young at heart, consider buying a cheap remote-controlled car, boat or inflatable.

Whether you’re carving them up for Halloween, or just trying to liven up a Thanksgiving centrepiece, pumpkins are a festive addition to any household during October. Pumpkin patches are fun to wander through, and are usually corn maze adjacent, making picking a great family outing. The chill in the air makes fall the perfect time to sit together by the warmth of a blazing fire with a nice warm mug of cocoa or cider.

Plus, it’s quick and requires a lot of skill, which keeps the adults entertained and on the edge of their seats. If you have access to a MLS team, the season winds up in the fall and Playoffs begin. It’s a really exciting time to cheer your home team on.

We no longer go on traditional “hikes.” We do things like, spend the day working as “tree investigators.” We are lucky to live in an area with beautiful scenery within a short drive. Geocaching can be a unique family activity for kids of all ages. See if there’s any smaller colleges in your area that have teams. Division II and III teams often have inexpensive tickets, but still have bands and cheerleaders and all the pageantry of larger college games. Make it a day trip, and tour campus in the morning!

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