Fall Outdoor Activities For Kids

Spend some time outside with your kids collecting acorns of various shapes and sizes. Lay a large sheet of paper on an old cookie sheet with a couple small puddles of paint. Add the acorns and let your child shake the sheet to move the acorns around.

The Sanctuary offers options to adopt an elephant as well. The sanctuary hosts a visitors day for the public on the first Saturday of every month between 11 a.m. There is a $5 donation admission per person, children 2 years old and under enter free. Plus, fall cleaning and back-to-school shopping means lots of folks just cleaned out their closets so now is the peak season for the best selection. We’ve already mentioned apples , but pears and pumpkins also make for seriously yummy pies.

Since it’ll be harder to hang outside once the temperatures plunge even further, you might as well take advantage of the fresh air now. Nature walks are perfect for children who like to explore what Mother Nature is up to. Encourage kids to take pictures, or make drawings of what they see later on once they are back inside. This can also be a great time to explore comparisons. Explain to little ones how things looked during summer versus how they look now.

There, you can spread your blanket, eat some peanut butter sandwiches, and perhaps continue reading that book you started last summer. There are also a ton of fall-themed races this time of year. Take advantage of the colder days to enjoy a night under the stars.

Turn your activity into a full weekend by booking a room at a bed and breakfast nestled in an autumnal epicenter, like Vermont or Maine. You can spend the weekend hiking, lounging, and enjoying seasonal meals prepared by someone else. Sign up for updates and let us help you be the rock star parent we know you are!

If you’re not close to a pro team, find a local college or high school team to support. Or attend a weekend game for a friend or neighbor’s kid. No matter what the age, it’ll be a great way to spend some time outside supporting local athletics. Playdough is such a fun sensory activity that can keep a little one busy for hours. Even older kids love to play with it, especially when it’s soft and scented!

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