5 Outdoor Learning Experiences For Kids In The Fall

They’re offering reservations for pick-your-own through October, to help ensure a socially distanced experience. No matter what activities you and your child engage in this fall, be sure to have fun together and to take some photographs. You’ll be making memories that will last for many seasons to come and your child will also learn a few facts about autumn by participating in these activities. Are your kids already bored, claiming there is nothing to do?

Local and out-of-town cyclists meet at the trailhead in Council Bluffs and head out on a 20-mile round trip trek for tacos at Tobey Jack’s Mineola Steakhouse. The ride is weather permitting and typically goes through the end of October. @zachbrobstphotographyThere are so many places to hike and enjoy the crisp fall air in Council Bluffs!

This nostalgia-inducing treat is super fun to make and even more tasty to eat afterward. All you’ll need is a handful of ingredients , plus apples. Once they’re coated in a caramel or sugar coating, you’ll be able to decorate them with sprinkles, crushed walnuts, or even M&Ms. Avoid having a messy kitchen by setting up a carving station on your back deck. Additionally, you’ll need a metal spoon to scoop out the pumpkin seeds and a few paring knives. Chili cook-offs, cool weather craft fairs, Oktoberfests, and state and county fairs abound.

Load up your backpack with all the essentials and explore trails near your campsite. The combination of physical exercise and beautiful scenery is sure to reduce your stress levels. Always tell someone where you’re going and when you plan to return. And follow the health and safety tips in this Trip Planning Guide from the National Park Service. Visit local wineries, schedule a wine tasting and take a few bottles of your favorite vino back to the campsite to enjoy. Many vineyards also allow visitors to walk through the vines so check to see if picnicking is permitting for a quiet, romantic outing.

Use an afternoon in the botanical garden to teach your kids about comparison (how plants are the same/different), observation and appreciation . Enjoy fall’s favorite vegetable by making a delicious, creamy, homemade batch of pumpkin soup. Jazz it up with additions like bacon, curry, lentils, apples, or even miso.

The best part is that you’ll be able to take home some fresh apples to make delicious, fall-worthy recipes. Looking for a perfect way to spend a fall afternoon? Head to your local pumpkin farm to pick out your own pumpkins and take in all the sights. Create new adventures together and look for ways to share quality time, enjoying fall activities like these. Have a pumpkin painting party by giving each child his own pumpkin and supplying plenty of paints for decorating. Doing this activity outside allows kids to be creative, and you won’t have to worry about getting paint all over the house.

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