15 Fun Fall Activities To Get You Outside

After kids explore leaves thoroughly with the magnifying glasses, encourage them to draw them in minute detail. Get everyone involved in autumn yard cleanup by raking leaves and pulling weeds. Kids can be surprisingly effective workers to get fall work done.

Using only natural materials they’ve found, have them arrange their finds to create art. It can be anything from writing their name to making a self-portrait. They’ll have to be extra creative and clever to find just the right pieces and lay them out in just the right spot. If your garden usually sits empty through winter, this is the year to make those cold days count! You really can continue gardening in winter in many gardening zones. A wide variety of vegetables and herbs are easy to grow in cold conditions, given the right protection.

This is a great way to kick back and enjoy nature with smaller kids who may not be up for a long walk. Sign up to get the best outdoor kids activities, nature crafts, favorite books, hilarious jokes, helpful posts and more delivered to your inbox weekly. Painting with acorns is a fun activity for little kids.

Viewing a tree line that hugs a waterway in the fall doubles the spectacle, as the leaves are reflected in the calm, glassy surfaces. Paddle your own kayak or canoe on any of our picturesque passages and enjoy the panorama. Spending outdoor time with family is a special way to bond out in nature. Plus, you can roast veggie kebabs and hot dogs for a quick dinner, followed by roasted marshmallows as dessert. Collect the nicest leaves you can find and turn them into a kid-friendly arts and crafts project in the backyard.

We have a kids bike tow bar on one of our bikes so that when Nicky gets tired biking on his own we can attach him to an adult bike to pull him the rest of the way. We usually aim for a new playground that’s a few kms away for our picnic and to let out even more energy before biking back home. From Pumpkin Runs to Thanksgiving-themed “Turkey Trots,” there are an abundance of spirited 5K and 10K races during fall.

Enjoy the fun at an annual Fall Festival with pumpkin carving contests, s’mores, caramel apples and more. Walk through a beautiful sunflower field, some even allow you to pick a bouquet to bring home. Your local Goodwill offers deep discounts on Halloween décor and costumes for the entire family.

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