Outdoor Activities For Autumn For Toddlers And Preschoolers

Drop off items you haven’t worn in a year to a local donation spot. Put those extra blankets stuffed in your linen closet to good use. Hang a large white bed sheet from your fence to re-create a big screen. Make a palette on the ground with all the extra fluff, and settle in under the stars as you and your family watch these classic kids movies.

Set up an invitation to play with sensory materials on a mirror under a canopy of leaves or the clear, blue sky. You can also drive around and enjoy these FREE Halloween Yard Displayslike a house transformed into a pirate ship, musical light displays and much more. Center Stage Dance Studio has been creating strong, confident dancers since 1988. Located in Northfield, their staff of highly trained professionals gives students the tools they need.

Central Arkansas is home to many outdoor resources and opportunities. With temperatures cooling and fall foliage emerging, autumn may be one of the best times to experience our state. Many of these events and locations are nearby and free of cost. With some brainstorming and input from your other half, planning a fall date doesn’t have to be a headache.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up one heck of a fall bucket list of items that you’ll want to prioritize this time of year. Load your bicycle in your RV and head out on the trails while fall foliage is at its finest. Biking will allow you to cover more ground than hiking so you have more time to explore.

Celebrate the harvest and autumn with some farm games and activities. For instance, a turkey strut game follows the rules of musical chairs, with kids strutting around like turkeys while music plays. When the music stops, everyone needs to stand on turkey prints.

The cooler weather means that the fish are more active, especially trout . It’s one of those activities that the whole family can enjoy and do nearly anywhere there’s water! If you’ve never fished before, do a little bit of research about what the fish in your area eat and when/where to go. A lot of state parks will even provide fishing gear for the day for free!

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