25 Wonderful Outdoor Activities To Enjoy This Fall

In fact, autumn is a wondrous time of the year for outdoor education and activities in Canada. Let’s take a look at some fun yet enlightening experiences that you can plan for your children this fall. As the leaves cascade from the trees in the coming weeks, consider taking a walk around and picking up beautiful leaves you find with friends and family. At the end, delight your loved ones by offering to trade leaves with them. If you have some crayons and paper, you can memorialize your day with leaf rubbings without spending a cent. For this low-cost fun fall activity, invite some people to a public place, bring fold-up chairs or utilize park benches.

Try going on a nature walk to find elements to create a beautiful autumn wreath, bouquet or table centerpiece. This can be an especially fun pursuit for the whole family. Browse these examples of natural fall wreaths for inspiration and tips. When small-scale farmers wrap up peak growing season and transition into autumn, it’s a great time to throw a party. Such events may include apple cider pressing, hay rides, fall produce sales , farm tours and more.

Talk while you knit, purl and crochet your way to a new warm fall scarf. In the meantime, here are five ways to safely enjoy outdoor fall activities and take advantage of all that autumn has to offer. Holidays with kids have taken on a whole new level of excitement for me. The pure magic in their eyes when they get to dress up as their favourite character or animal followed by trick-or-treating (getting a whole basket of candy, what?!) is everything. Start the Halloween magic early by hitting up a pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin and have fun on the wagon ride and jumping on the hay balls . If you’re in the GTA, my absolute fave place to grab a pumpkin is Brooks Farm.

Kids are naturally curious about the night sky, especially the moon. My kids always wondering why there are nights we can’t see the moon at all, how it is we can sometimes see the moon during the day and why it’s always a different size . A great project to do in the fall is to track the moon’s progress using a simple moon journal.

The making is easy, and we guarantee that the curtain you get will delight and may even inspire some rich play. Many kids love to take photos, and nearly all of them long to hold our phones. Inspire your kids to play this simple game anytime they are outside, and feel great about letting them use the smart phone. Combine three all-engaging elements—dirt, water and nature treasures—with a universal context of cooking food. You’ll inspire virtually endless, imaginative play and developmentally nourishing mess-making for kids of different ages.

Fill a large bucket or tub with water and delicious, red apples and set it on a picnic table. Let each child try to catch an apple with his teeth. Be sure you supervise the children, never leaving them alone with the bucket of water. Create a fun relay race where each player has to walk to a specific target and back to the starting line while keeping a leaf in the air using only their breath. Players start by placing the leaf on their mouth then keep it in the air by blowing at it. You’ll want to choose light, smaller leaves and make sure the target line isn’t too far from the starting line.

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