10 Outdoor Fall Activities For Kids

Pick something that represents what’s meaningful to your family and makes everyone comfortable. If you’ve never tried a persimmon, you’re missing out! Persimmon fruit matures late in the fall and is a sweet treat that can be found across the US, Europe and Asia. When persimmons ripen, they range in color from glossy light yellow-orange to dark red-orange depending on the species and variety.

NYC’s network of open-air markets have all-things apple, year after year. Snag the sugary confection, and stock up on apple cider while you’re at it, too. You can hop over togrownyc.orgto find a market nearest you.

My kids are huge apple fanatics and we end up eating almost as many apples as we pick! There are so many different varieties of apples to choose from, so plan your trip according to what’s ripe for your purposes. Our favorite thing to do with our apples is making homemade applesauce. It’s super easy to do and if canned, lasts us for months. We also like giving apples as gifts and sending loads of them to school with the kids for snacks.

We love heading out from late summer through to mid-autumn hunting for blackberries, wild plums, elderberries as well as a few hidden gems off the beaten track like sweet chestnuts. The night sky grows dark sooner than in the summer months, allowing for more palatable viewing hours. Autumn skies also allow for the viewing of both summer and winter constellations if timed appropriately. Finally, the cool air makes for an enjoyable evening spent in nature. After visiting a farmer’s market or apple orchard, pack a picnic lunch filled with your seasonal fare and head outdoors. Picnicking in fall is a delight with less pestering bugs to disrupt your meal and mild temperatures to enjoy.

Feel like a kid again and enjoy one of the most classic outdoor fall activities out there. An added bonus is that it will add some much-needed fun to your yard work. Looking for an activity to enjoy with children or grandchildren? Take a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood to collect leaves and take in the changing colors up close. Take a look at the benefits of staying active for menopausal and post-menopausal women and the outdoor fall activities that can keep you active this autumn. It’s also common among public gardens to have fall outdoor activities for preschoolers.

There’s nothing like picking out the perfect pumpkin for your Halloween jack ‘o’ lantern. AtCheesequake Farmsin Matawan, wander acres of fields to choose from gourds and pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and colors to find the best ones for your harvest décor. In Montville, take in sweeping views of the sunflower fields atConklin Farm U-Pick, and choose from thousands of pumpkins in an array of sizes.

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