10 Fun Fall Activities For The Backyard

See we are enjoying the start of spring in Australia. The weather is warming up, and the plants are flowering and it’s all beautiful. Set a pumpkin outdoors and record the pumpkin’s decomposition as it rots. This has just the right e, so it’s sure to impress your children.

All of the bloggers have compiled round-ups full of activities that you can put to use this fall. In addition, we are giving away $2000 CASH to celebrate! Make sure you enter below and scroll down to check out all the neat ideas from my fellow blogging friends.

Start by reminding kids that birds may be hard to spot, but they’re easy to hear. Can they point to where the sound/song is coming from? Use a local field guide to identify the birds in your area. If you want a variety, try bird watching in areas near water. You’re more likely to spy larger water birds like herons, egrets, ducks, geese, and swans, which are easier for kids to see. And if you’re striking out on finding live birds, look for other signs that they’re around.

Once you’ve collected your freshly fallen leaves, allow them to dry between sheets of newspaper for 1 day . Melt your beeswax in a double-broiler or crock pot and carefully dip your leaves into them to coat. Gently raise the leaf and allow any excess wax to drip back into the bowl. Place each leaf on the wax paper while it dries (it doesn’t take long).

Play with shapes, colors, lighting, and railing to bring your deck ideas to life with our custom Deck Designer tool. Perhaps the autumn air brings back thoughts of football tailgates and the fight songs of your alma mater. Your guests will love the easy-to-play game — and be impressed with your DIY chops. Find out about all the fun events and ways to celebrate Thanksgivingthis year. Speaking of Thanksgiving, take the time to create a Thankful Tree with your kids. It’s a fun visual reminder of how many little and big things we can be thankful for.

As we move into late fall, investigate haunted corn mazes, ghost tours, and pumpkin walks. Kick off the holiday season with a “Turkey Trot” run on Thanksgiving. Many of these events are low-pressure “fun runs” with distances of 5K or less. Some races also offer virtual options so you can participate on your own schedule. Training for a run is a great way to keep up your workout motivation and burn off calories before the big meal. When you venture out in nature, remember to always carry water and emergency gear.

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