10 Outdoor Fall Activities That Keep You Moving

Make sure the ground underneath is relatively soft and remove any long/sharp twigs, sticks or branches. If your kids are older, hand them the rake and put them to work making their own piles. For extra fun, rake the piles into shapes and take a photo of them next to the pile from above as a keepsake. Formerly Masonville Orchards, Adam’s Apple Orchard & Country Store is a you-pick apple orchard in Ault.

Alternatively, these chocolate turtle apple slices are always a hit. Gather ’round the fire with your close friends and tell your scariest ghost stories (bonus points if you swear they’re true). Whether shrieks of delight or fear, a good time is sure to be had by all.

Cooler weather means less sweating and the perfect time to teach your kids a few soccer skills . Use your backpack, water bottle, or anything else you have on you to mark goal posts. I have teamed up with the members of the Kid Blogger Network to bring you an awesome resource for fall fun with your kids!

Composting may sound intimidating, but it’s actually pretty easy to get started! Composting helps reduce the amount of waste your family is putting into a landfill while giving your garden a healthy boost! If you have a patch of land, you can start a layer compost pile. If not (or if you live in the city/suburbs), you can use an enclosed tumbler to keep animals out. Teach your kids what food scraps can be composted and let them help with the entire process. Fall is a great time to go for a train ride with your kids.

Once you get it down, though, your house will be sure to be the hit of the neighborhood. Your little one will love trips out looking for decorations or visiting other haunted houses for inspiration. If you are particularly concerned that school will keep them indoors, consider inviting over a few classmates to enjoy the fun. Yet another essential fall childhood classic is smores.

M-22 is one of the most scenic drives in northern Michigan but there are plenty of rural roads across the Midwest that offer more fall fun. Check online for fall foliage reports and plan your trip. Bring a camera, some road trip tunes and snacks to make the most of your experience.

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