10 Socially Distant Outdoor Fall Activities For Seniors

To make, start with a round piece of fabric and a ball of batting . Gather the fabric up around the batting and hot glue it together in the center. Collect dried stems, or purchase faux stems, and attach with hot glue for a realistic touch. There are so many cute and clever DIY Halloween costume ideas out there for women, kids, families, and more. Want to make friends laugh with your costume this year? Let your neighbors know how excited you are for the season with a front porch curb appeal using all the festive fall decor—pumpkins, mums, a pretty fall wreath, and vintage finds.

Turn your next nature walk into a simple lesson in symmetry with this fun fall leaf activity for kids. Use at real fall leaves and other natural items to see if they are symmetrical or not. Looking for symmetrical patterns and shapes in the great outdoors is a simple, hands-on way for kids to explore basic math concepts.

While the weather may be getting cooler, there are still plenty of fun activities you can do outside in the next few months. Many people swear that if they bring a bar of soap to bed with them their leg cramps stay away. For best results, unwrap the bar and place it under the sheets near where your legs will lie on the bed.

Though Salem, Massachusetts offers one of the best month-long celebrations in October, there are tons of other amazing Halloween festivals nationwide for the whole family. Try an easy Halloween DIY to make your home look inviting. Or, if you’re not into the holiday, simply lean into a pumpkin motif. Button up your plaid top, bust out the honky-tonk records, and gather your friends together for an outdoor, down-home square dance.

There are so many great ways to be kind to others and make someone’s day. Using nature to make art is such a great way for kids to have hands-on experiences with just how beautiful, delicate, hearty and varied nature can be. Have your child come up with a scene or item that they’d like to create. Next, send them on a hunt for various natural items to use to create their masterpiece. Good items to collect might be pinecones, leaves, sticks, branches, flowers, nuts, etc.

I’ll provide a simple plan of action, so that you can build a connected resilient family. Go apple picking and fill the house with the smells of scrumptious apple recipes. Autumn will come and go before you know it, which is why making an effort to get outside and enjoy it is so important. Soon, you’ll be holed up indoors kicking yourself for not going apple picking when you had the chance. So, why not plan a late-fall vacation to the beach?

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